Friday, February 23, 2007

Social activism at SAIS

At Hopkins SAIS waiting for my next meeting. On the TV, News Channel 8 reports that the President will check out clean energy cars at the White House. All over the SAIS lobby, pictures hang of Haiti, Mali, and Congo. Announcements about micro finance on the bulletin board. The students around me are talking about how clean energy is great and how working at for the US government is the worst. Everyone is using Macs--everyone. Last night I spoke with SAIS's Socially Responsible Business Club. Met a student that had started a peace corps in Thailand. Their career center is now setting up for a career event with NGOs. This afternoon, Bill Drayton will speak at one of the SAIS buildings.

This is not the wannabe business school SAIS I attended. It has the same intellectual and communal atmosphere that attracted me, but the student community seems to be more in line with the inspiring stories I have encountered from graduates. That's probably a good thing. I would go so far as to say SAIS reflects a general mood in the US--what we sometimes call "an ethical moment" at the Carnegie Council.

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