Friday, December 19, 2008

Golden Mean on Climate Change

I was recently speaking with Chong-pin Lin, Taiwan's former deputy minister of defense. I asked what the fairest way would be for East Asia to address climate change.

His answer was very interesting. He said that the most ethical path was to find an optimal point between the interests of future generations and those of current generations. Call it the Golden Mean of policy formulation. He followed by saying that finding a middle path would open up new options. That is partly what ethics is about: Broadening the options.

In terms of philosphical influences, Dr. Lin said that Taoism, which emphasizes harmony with nature, could help energize China's own environmentalism. He sees a trend toward embracing green policies, at least at the highest levels in Beijing.

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Ryan said...

Good interview ....The globalists don't care about the small towns and communities. We need decentralization of power and money.Socialism, Communism and Fascism are failed systems. Common Sense Libertarianism is the solution to the world's problem.