Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Robot Revolution Is Now

The robot revolution in war is upon us, according to PW Singer, who recently came to speak at the Carnegie Council's Public Affairs program in New York City.

Some ethical points that Singer raised concerning the use of robots in war:

1. As the human cost of war falls, will there be more war?
2. Will terrorism become easier with robots?
3. Does the use of robots mean war is further commercialized?

4. With the resulting first-person videos from robots in war, are we going to get a Hollywood-esque YouTube-ization of war?
5. Human failings and the fog of war still abound despite the use of robots.
6. Is the use of technology scary or just cowardly?
7. What is the message users of robots send to their "enemies"? Does it glorify the courageous people who are fighting an imperial robot army, like Star Wars?

Photo by leodirac.

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