Monday, August 27, 2007

Supply-Chain Management an "Ethical Issue"

Supply-chain management was one of the main topics of the research trip I recently took in Southeast Asia. For companies and their stakeholders, keeping tabs on suppliers, maintaining quality control, and recruiting good supply-chain managers have become ethical issues. Not only is it an area in which companies can make a positive difference in the global economy, many believe that companies can actually lead on creating norms--way ahead of governments--this way.

The quote of the day is in The Wall Street Journal's article "Recent News Events Should Have Executives Reviewing Priorities," by Carol Hymowitz. Top of the list is to make supply-chain management a top priority. Hymowitz quotes Adam Fein of Pembroke consulting:

"Supply-chain management has moved from the back room to the board room and become an ethical issue."

Supply-chain management is a strategic issue: It has an effect on a company's brand and it now concerns managers and board members. Excellent companies are the most ethical in their practices: Excellent companies lead on best practices. Check out our recent article by consultant Carol Holding on corporate social responsibility and brand in Policy Innovations.

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